At Rebekah's Hope,

our passion is to equip those fighting cancer, illness, and despair to find hope and healing through our books, movie, e-courses, and clothing line.

  • Every item for sale in our store is custom-designed by Joel and Rebekah.

  • All shirts and clothing are high-quality, long-lasting, and super-comfortable cotton fabrics.  These aren't those cheap, tissue-thin shirts you get for free at some jogathon or fundraiser event, you know the ones, you wear them once at the event and they end up either at the bottom of your drawer (never to be worn again) or they become paint rags.  Nope, these are shirts you'll wear over and over for years.  I'm (Joel) super picky about my T-shirts and I tested all our name brand shirts out before selling them to you.  

  • Our Journey of Hope


  • Joel and Rebekah Hughes live in Irvine, California.  Rebekah is originally from Southern Oregon and Joel is a Southern California lifer.  We often jab each other as to which place is better to live.  But for better or worse, So-Cal is home.  We got married back in August 2014 (in Oregon). 

  • Rebekah’s diagnosis and cancer (stage 4 breast cancer) remain a constant battle but a huge part of fighting her cancer is that we try to not let it dominate our lives.  In fact, we try to live as though she does not have cancer.  We are both Christians, and our faith is a central focus of our lives.  We are involved with a great local church that has become family.  Apart from that, we just really enjoy being together.  We like to read, bargain hunt at garage sales and thrift stores, refurbish (upcycle) old furniture, decorate our house, hang out with friends and family, spend time with (Joel’s) kids, and watch Netflix in bed while eating ice cream (double fudge mouse tracks).  We also enjoy helping people who are hurting and struggling since we know that pain so well. 

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